Our Specialties


Acupuncture is a holistic medical practice that promotes natural self-healing by stimulating certain points on the body where Qi (energy) flow through pathways called meridians. The meridian system is an energy distribution network that provides Qi and blood nourishment to the cells, organs, tendons, bones, and every square inch of skin on the body. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it's believed that when the Qi and blood flow freely then your body can remain healthy. If there's a disruption to the energetic flow inside the meridians then pain or disease may occur. Some commonly seen factors that cause clogged or blocked Qi flow are poor diet, stress, physical trauma, and environmental factors.


Cupping is a therapeutic technique that involves placing glass jars on the skin and creating a vacuum inside by using heat or a suction pump. The negative pressure created by the suction stimulates and enhances circulation of blood, lymph and Qi, relieves pain and pulls out toxins from the underlying tissues. Because of this, cupping is helpful in treating colds, flu, asthma, headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain.


Chinese herbal medicine is a therapeutic modality often used in conjunction with acupuncture. Thousands of medicinal substances such as plants (leaves, roots, stems, flowers, seeds), minerals and some animal products are used to create herbal formulas. These formulas can be given as teas, granules, powders, capsules, and liquid extracts.


Moxibustion, aka moxa is a form of heat therapy in which dried plant material known as mugwort or wormwood, is burned on or near the skin. The heat is used to stimulate healing by increasing Qi, lymph and blood circulation. Moxa is used to treat conditions such as lowered immune system, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, arthritis, asthma, digestive complaints and more.


Jeznee is truly a gifted practitioner and an extraordinary human being. She was born to be in the healing profession. I appreciate how she continues to push herself, by not only learning more about the medicine she practices but also learning more about herself. Whether she is doing acupuncture, bodywork, or just listening to a patient, one can be certain that they will receive the utmost attention and skill.